Thursday, January 20, 2011

My 1976 Raleigh Tourist DL-1

Before and after restoration of my 1976 DL-1:

And here is how it is outfitted today:

It is mostly stock with a few upgrades:
- New bearings and lube
- New Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Cream Tires (and tubes and rim tape)
- New Brooks B66 Honey Saddle (the old B66 went onto my 1976 Raleigh Sprite)
- New Sunlite 16" Frame Pump
- NOS Sturmey Archer Shifter
- Rivendell Portuguese Cork Grips finished with Amber Shellac
- 'Upgraded' the plastic fulcrum sleeve and cable pulley to the older metal versions
- Black Acorn roll bag (which is actually full of tools)
- New Fibrax brake pads.
- New Black Izumi Chain (original chain broke on my first ride and shortening wasn't an option)
- Used Raleigh Pedals (from a 1978 Raleigh Sports)
- 22-Tooth Sturmey Archer Rear Sprocket
- SOMA Torpedo 1-Watt LED headlamp and headlamp bracket clamp
- Crane Suzu Brass Bell
- Catseye Aluminum Fender Reflector (NOS)


  1. Howdy Sean,
    I have a 78 DL-1 Tourist that I am restoring and was curious if the Soma lamp came with all the needed hardware to mount, or if you had to track down additional parts , and if so what/where?
    Thanks much and your bike looks awesome.

  2. Hey Josh!

    Thanks for the compliment on the bike! It's a great ride, and it was fun to clean up- I'm sure you'll get a ton of pleasure out of yours as well.

    As for mounting the SOMA headlamp, you can mount it with what it comes with- there's a hinge that'll bolt right into your reflector bracket (assuming that you also have the bracket with the two vertical holes instead of the Heron-design). That works, but it doesn't look great. I ended up ordering a bolt-on clamp from I contacted them directly with a photo of what I was looking for as an example. I'll post a post about it, since you asked- I can't find the photo I used, so I'll go take another one...

  3. I've posted some images of the headlamp and clamp here:

    Email Yellow Jersey with one of those pictures and tell them that you're looking for that clamp. I once saw a photo of a really nice chrome clamp on Flickr too... I can't find it at the moment though. Those things must have been really common for decades, and yet they're surprisingly difficult to come by.

  4. Thanks for the speedy and thorough explanation, Sean.
    Yeah, my reflector bracket is yet another design, it has a "plus sign" cutout instead of two holes or the heron. I was worries about having issues mounting that Soma light when I order it.
    Guess I'll be adding that clamp to the list of parts I'll be ordering from Yellow Jersey/Harris Cyclery!

  5. Great looking bike! I have a red Raleigh POS, which I keep upgrading slowly (as things break or wear out, really), which will eventually look similar to yours, hopefully. Found your page while doing an image search on Google for the saddle - your picture was the most stylish, FYI. Thanks for posting!

    Cheers, from Montreal

  6. Awesome job on the resto! I'm wondering how you got the fenders to line up so nicely with the curvature of the wheels? Did you have to modify or switch out the fender mount poles?

    1. Thank you. I think the fenders were already pretty straight, I didn't consciously do anything special that I recall. The fender stays might have been a little bent when I got the bike, but when everything was apart and I was cleaning up each part individually, I made sure to bend things back into what looked like the proper shapes. In the comparison photo, the black tires were not inflated.