Sunday, November 10, 2013

Raleigh DL-1 Loop Frame (circa 1930s)

I've had DL-1 fever for quite some time, but just never had made the plunge.  Probably because there are few DL-1s in the smaller size men's frame.  Since I own a few mixtes I thought, 'why not get a DL-1 loop frame'?

While I was down at Indianapolis Tweed Ride last weekend (November 2, 2013) I got the fever big time.  I saw several nice DL-1s and talked to their owners.

The one I acquired to restore is probably from the thirties.  It has the long head tube and lots of angle on the fork.

This is the bicycle I was offered.  I made a deal to purchase the frame, fork and chaincase.  The headset, crankset, bottom bracket and seat post were also included.

My concept for this 'resto-mod' is to build modern wheels on vintage-looking rims using Sturmey Archer internal gear, internal brake rear hub and dyno, internal brake front hub.  They will be laced into black Westwood 28 inch rims with 13GA Sapim stainless steel spokes.  I'll mount 28x1 1/2 cream Delta Cruiser tyres. 

I bought a fender set off a more contemporary DL-1 that was being parted out.  They are very straight and will paint up nicely.  I'm going to try and keep a thirties feel when kitting out the bike. 

Here's everything I have now laid out in mock-up.  I have a stubborn cotter on the right side that needs to come out before I do the remaining disassembly.  Once that's done the crankset will probably go for rechrome.