Friday, January 21, 2011

1981 Raleigh Catalog Page

In 1981, ride-up antique stores were commonplace and bicycle helmets were still just a dream. How times have changed!

In this photo, you can clearly see how the rear reflector is now mounted way up on the seat stay, replacing the saddlebag. The rear fender is now all black and reflectorless. This is how I believe my DL-1 was outfitted when it was new, way back in '76.

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  1. My 1976 DL-1 was made in Nottingham and is the traditional black with a white "tail" on the fender. It came with both the high CPSC reflector and the reflector mounted on the render.

  2. Vey, was your DL-1 built for the American market? My '76 didn't have the white tail or the reflector.

  3. Hi, I just purchased a 1980 DL-1 (awaiting delivery in 6 days) which seems to be in pristine condition. I am a bit bummed out it came with no "white tail" but an all black fender and no reflector though I am planning to take care of that with a reflector off of eBay and a shiny white vinyl decal (used to letter trucks and windows) to mock the white paint. That way the mod won't be permanent and in time will not affect value.
    My biggest endeavor would be (I assume) getting a correct DL-1 rat trap rack for it. I have my brother looking for one in Costa Rica where I am originally from. There is a guy who apparently has a bunch of vintage Raleigh parts including a couple of double cross tube model frames (drools)
    Does anyone know if by 1980 Raleigh offer the front dyno hub? My bike has a german made front and rear light with external generator but I would love to have a sturmey set up like the one my 1948 Superbe deluxe has (bike is for sale hint hint)

    Great blog with great info, keep it up!