Thursday, January 20, 2011

1977 Raleigh Catalog Page

This is the year that the chainguard changed design from the older "hockey puck" style and the larger rectangular mudguard reflector was introduced. The front lamp bracket is designed as a reflector mount with two holes, instead of featuring the classic Raleigh Heron design (a crying shame, IMHO).

Note that in this photo, the front brake shoes are assembled in front of the brake stirrup, which is the opposite of the way the brakes are installed in the 1976 catalog image. The exploded drawing from the 1977 parts list also indicates that the brake should be assembled in front of the stirrup.

It will probably work fine either way, but on my DL-1, I've installed the brakes behind the stirrup, as it seems that the brake shoe being pushed into the stirrup by the rim would provide more strength than the brake shoe being pulled away from the stirrup.

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